Phyllis Naylor writes amazing books but my favorite is Shiloh. Reading this book made me feel like I was there with Shiloh and Marty while this was happening. I felt like Marty was taking this blame and baring it because he loved Shiloh so much. I feel sorry for them both as they go through these challenges. I Can understand how Marty feels because I lied to my mom about my sister because I knew my mom would shout at her If I told on her. I lied for someone I loved. But I realize now that It shouldn't, no matter how bad and I see Why Marty fell under the pressure. This is a just right book for me because I can understand what this book means.

One character that really changed was Shiloh. At the start of the book he was shy and didn't listen to Marty, now He trust Marty and if Marty told Shiloh to jump of the cliff Shiloh would do it. I think what made Shiloh change was when Judd wanted to hurt Shiloh but Marty protected him and no matter how much trouble Marty got into he was always going to protect Shiloh. From then on Shiloh started trusting Marty. Another Character that has changed is Marty. At the start of the book Marty never told a lie and told the whole truth always and trusted others but now he wants to protect Shiloh and hes willing to tell seven Million lies to get there and to work for weeks even months and that's just what he has to do to get Shiloh.

The problem of the story was resolved When Marty promised Judd he'd work for months to get Shiloh and with a lot of pleading and threatening he gets Shiloh. I felt happy at the end even though Marty would kill himself working For Judd. I would Change the part were martys dad is trying to hid the fact he loves shiloh. This only put more preasure on his aldready preasure filled son. I think the authers Theme s that you must always tell the truth even if you know it was wrong-sometimes the truth can get you what you want.

Which Witch

Iva Ibbotson has written many amazing books but my favorite is Witch which. The whole story made you feel all tingly inside, It was sad but at the same time happy and meaningful. I felt like I was actually standing next to the main character while this was happening. I really understood the book because I've felt like I want to be some one that I'll never be some times. This helped me understand how Belladonna felt. I feel this is a little bit easy for me because I could understand it all really easily and think about it-but it was still a really great book.

One of the Main characters that I think changed is Ariman. in the beginning he wasn't willing to get married he just did it because he wanted some one sinister to teach magic to before the end of his time came but at the end he changed he wanted to get married to belladonna in less than a day. Another Character that changed was Terrence, in the beginning he hated all and no one liked him. He was mean and cruelty to people but near the end he started to change, he was hopeful and kind and loving to others. I think for both of these Characters it was meeting someone worthy of their time. Some one sweet and kind and helpful.

The problem of the story for Belladonna was that She was a white witch, which meant she was kind and People like Arriman were Awful but amazing. The story was resolved when Terrence realized he was a Wizard and so Arriman could teach Terrence his tricks and Get married to a white witch. I was really happy about the end because everyone got what they wanted in the end. I would change the fact that Madam Olimpia didn't even win, I think that if she did and some twist happened that would make the story a whole lot more interesting. I think the authors message was never give up and always believe in yourself.

Behind Rebel lines

Seymour Reit writes many books on the civil war but my favorite is Behind Rebel lines.
Throughout the book I couldn't help but feel worried and scared for the main character as she faces many challenges. The troubles she faces makes you feel like your in the book as her and you understand what she would feel in this situation. I can understand what she feels like because sometimes I feel like there's a imp voice telling me to do dangerous things and I could understand what she was talking about when she wanted to be the spy for the Union army. Because sometimes I feel like doing some thing dangerous and brave and daring too. This is a just right book for me because I can understand it but its not too easy.

2 of the most important characters are Emma Watson and Franklin Thomas. Even though these two are the same people I think there are a lot of differences between the two. at the start of the story it was Emma that was focused on and how she felt like she had to stand up for her country and act like a man because of her father who only wanted a son. She changes and at the end she realizes she should do whats best for her not whats best for her father or anyone else. Franklin starts of wild and crazy and at the end he's quiet and bit more like a girl. I think what made these two change so dramatically was that going to war they had seen death and sickness and danger and this really changed the two of them.

The problem of the story was resolved when Emma decided to break away from war and do things like she wanted to. I felt really happy about the resolution because it meant she could now care for herself more and not just others. If i could change something about the story I would change the fact that she was forced to leave camp even though it was good for her. I would change this because I want to know what she would do with this sickness. I think the authors theme of the story is that people should whats best for them self and care about others too.

The Journal of James Edmond Pease

Jim Murphy writes many books but my favorite is The Journal of James Edmond Pease. Throughout the book I felt sorry, scared and honored for the main character, James. The story really makes you feel sad and hurt but still I really enjoyed reading the book. It helped me to understand what James was feeling when he told you he ran away from home because sometimes I feel like running away from home but I wouldn't actually do it, but still I really understand how he felt because sometimes I feel like that. I think this book is a just right book for me because I felt what the character was feeling and It wasn't to hard or to easy.

This book is one of the most interesting books I've read because the main character changes so frequently. At the start of the book James is young and just silly, he doesn't care that war is going on all he wants is to relax and be silly, he didn't care about his rank all he wanted and hoped for was that his Uncle would come back to him and say sorry for the fight they had before he ran away and went to war. But near the end he changes he cares about war and he wants friends, he wants to go home no matter what his Uncle says to him. I think what made him change was when he got a friend to be with and this man, Johnny, showed him every thing he knew at the end of the book, this made him change.

The story was resolved when James Edmond Pease asked Johnny to be his friend again after he was mean to Johnny, I liked how the story ends because it's touching and all sweet and stuff. If I had to change something about the book i would change how James has to run away from his family to be in war or to fight for what he beleved in considering he was living with a man who was always standing up for his country. I think the authors theme for the book is to trust others and give them the benifit of doubt.

Absolutely normal chaos

Sharon Creech wrote many great books but my favorite of them all is Absolutely normal chaos. This book is made like a diary of a 13 year old girl who is and never will be little miss popular. The book makes you lose your mind in the story. The book made me feel so mystified about the story because its a love story and a chiller all at the same time. I can relate to Mary Lou Finley because sometimes someone annoys me and I just get so mad at them because I have to do this and that when they sit around watching TV. This helps me understand the book better because when Mary Lou doesn't want to go away with her cousin I understood how she felt and I started getting mad at her cousin. This is just right for me because I can understand it properly and I do find 1 or 2 words in a chapter were I need a dictionary.

3 main characters that have changed hugely throughout the story are Mary Lou Finnely, Beth Ann Bartel and Carl Ray. Mary Lou Finnely has changed so much, she use to think everything was boring and not worth any attention and she use to think fully about herself, but when she meets Carl Ray he seems to have a affect on her and she starts feeling sorry for people and realizing it wasn't all about her. But first Carl Ray made her made because he was rude and annoying. He was shy and he made others do his work but later Mary Lou starts seeing how he makes his own bed and isn't so shy, he's always smiling and being very polite. Beth Ann though is a different story shes vain and will only care for her self but when people are mean to her she gets sad and expects others to help her when she wouldn't help them but after a while she starts talking and caring a little bit about others.

When Carl Ray first came to Mary Lou's house she felt annoyed with him and mad but when she goes to his house she sees how nice he actually is and how helpful he can be. I felt really touched by this because she starts saying sorry. I'm so happy at the end, its so emotional. I really enjoyed this book but I would probably change how Beth Ann is still sort of mean at the end, I would change this because it makes you feel sorry fro Mary Lou and how she has to put up with this situation. The moral of the story for me was never judge people on first imprecation, give them a while to get to know you.

Jornal response

The Big friendly giant
Roald Dahl has written many famous books but one that I personally like is The BFG. The book is a very emotional story because many kids die and horrible things happen, but at the end of all this It makes me feel excited and I want to read more. I felt like I was in the story, it was amazing. My life's experience's helped me understand how Sophie (the main character) felt during this hard time. Sometimes I feel helpless and little too. There was a lot I understood and I could read it but there were also some hard words, It was just right for a reader like me.

The books 2 main characters are Sofie and The BFG. Both of them change rapidly throughout the story. The BFG goes from being a giant with some manners to polite, and caring. He has always been involved with good when he was brought up evil. He made a change to his species with a little help from a girl named Sophie. She changes a lot too, she understands others and cares at the end of the book. To start with she just tried to be polite. I think neither of them would have changed if they didn't meet each other.

The huge problem was that giant's every where were munching up human beings for dinner. Disturbances were happening in the human world and no one knew about it. With Sophie and The Big friendly giant together they were able to Alert the presidents and capture the giant. After i found out about this I felt all exited and Happy, it all felt so real. What I would change about the book is that I would let giants reproduce. To make it more thrilling. The authors message was always be hopeful and never give up. Great!

Sign of the beaver

Sign of the beaver summary December 1 2009

He watched his dad walk away, he was alone in the forest. Matt knows now that it's his turn to put all that his dad taught him to use. As much as he was afraid he was a man and this was his territory. know one would take him away from here. This is why he stood here instead of his father or sister. He waits lonely for his dad to return, little does he know he will soon meet Attean. Attean ,the Indian boy who shows up at his door step everyday, has something to give him one day. Not something that Attean hands him as a birthday present, something much more powerful. It was friendship. Attean showed up regardless of what he thought, it was his grandfather who did the thinking. Indians hate white men Atteans grandmother is one of the type that hate Matt for he is a white man. But after Matt risk's his life to save Atteans dog. The grandmother actually likes him. Half a year past with know sign of his father. Winter is coming and in the early times there is no shade. Eventually Matt's dad shows up and Matt is more than just Matt, he's Matt the man.