Sign of the beaver

Sign of the beaver summary December 1 2009

He watched his dad walk away, he was alone in the forest. Matt knows now that it's his turn to put all that his dad taught him to use. As much as he was afraid he was a man and this was his territory. know one would take him away from here. This is why he stood here instead of his father or sister. He waits lonely for his dad to return, little does he know he will soon meet Attean. Attean ,the Indian boy who shows up at his door step everyday, has something to give him one day. Not something that Attean hands him as a birthday present, something much more powerful. It was friendship. Attean showed up regardless of what he thought, it was his grandfather who did the thinking. Indians hate white men Atteans grandmother is one of the type that hate Matt for he is a white man. But after Matt risk's his life to save Atteans dog. The grandmother actually likes him. Half a year past with know sign of his father. Winter is coming and in the early times there is no shade. Eventually Matt's dad shows up and Matt is more than just Matt, he's Matt the man.

Whipping boy

Whipping boy
A simple whipping boy goes from being a slave to being a prince, at least in the cut throats mind.
Jemmy finds himself running away from the castle. The prince takes Jemmy and run's away, simply because he's afraid. On there journey they find cut throats and they do get kidnapped. This causes prince brat to become friends with a mere whipping boy. In return Jemmy saves prince brat from a murder. There escape is how they become friends. In this amount of time the king gets worried. It's been two weeks and no sign of his beloved Prince Brat. Where is he? with a mere whipping boy, in the sewers of the city. From enemy's to friends, they return to the castle and the mere whipping boy is not mere anymore, he's a friend to the not so Bratty Prince Brat.

Jornal entery

Princess school 2

Out of all the book's Jane B. Manson has written my favorite one would have to be Princess school. It's my favorite by so much, I like it because it has emotions, felling, friends, and of course competition. The book made me feel so scared at the start, but with every turn I gasped and Once I even cried. I felt like I was with The character, Snow White, I felt her emotions, like I was walking with her, like I saw everything she did. It made me feel happy , even though at first it was sad. I can connect to snow because she wishes she could leave and not have to do the tournament because
her evil stepmother wants to find her, and that's where she's going to look. I can connect because I didn't want to go to the play area once, because I was afraid that my friend would laugh at me for being clumsy yesterday. This helps me understand, how poor Snow feels. She feels, hurt, scared, worried, and embarrassed. I think this book is a just right book for me because I can understand it, but I have to think about it.

I think there would be many main characters like Snow and her three friends. These characters all play a important part in the story, and helping Snow overcome her fears. I would chose these characters because with out them the story would still go on, there wouldn't be a conclusion yet. I think they all change. Snow changes the most from worried to trustworthy. Her happy cheerful self, is no more than a angry grouch. But with the help of her friends she turns from grouch to brave. Next is her friend Cinderella. Ella is the one who goes to look for snow and when no one else doesn't she does. She's concerned about her friend and worried. But something happened to her too and her friends helped her get through it. She turns from a worrywart to a encourager. Third is Rapunzel. She is the captain of the event and she was looking forward to it so much but she sacrifices it for her friend. Last but not least is Rose, She feels down. She gets upset that snow gets attention and she doesn't but at the end she puts her selfish worries aside and looks for her friend.

Through out the problem I huffed and puffed and cried put finally I could take a clear breath. The climax is that Snow stands up to her stepmother and even though a curse is be stayed upon her she overcomes it and succeeds. She helps princess school win. I was so relieved I could cry for joy, but I had used all my tears in the problem. If I had to change something I would change the fact that Snow knew her step mother was going to be judge. If she found out later It would be more surprising because the gap between when she learns her step mother is going and the game drift by, and the aren't that interesting. I think the story has many messages but the strongest one is Never give up. If any of the girls had given up The story would not end well for Snow White and her friends.