Jornal response

The Big friendly giant
Roald Dahl has written many famous books but one that I personally like is The BFG. The book is a very emotional story because many kids die and horrible things happen, but at the end of all this It makes me feel excited and I want to read more. I felt like I was in the story, it was amazing. My life's experience's helped me understand how Sophie (the main character) felt during this hard time. Sometimes I feel helpless and little too. There was a lot I understood and I could read it but there were also some hard words, It was just right for a reader like me.

The books 2 main characters are Sofie and The BFG. Both of them change rapidly throughout the story. The BFG goes from being a giant with some manners to polite, and caring. He has always been involved with good when he was brought up evil. He made a change to his species with a little help from a girl named Sophie. She changes a lot too, she understands others and cares at the end of the book. To start with she just tried to be polite. I think neither of them would have changed if they didn't meet each other.

The huge problem was that giant's every where were munching up human beings for dinner. Disturbances were happening in the human world and no one knew about it. With Sophie and The Big friendly giant together they were able to Alert the presidents and capture the giant. After i found out about this I felt all exited and Happy, it all felt so real. What I would change about the book is that I would let giants reproduce. To make it more thrilling. The authors message was always be hopeful and never give up. Great!