Which Witch

Iva Ibbotson has written many amazing books but my favorite is Witch which. The whole story made you feel all tingly inside, It was sad but at the same time happy and meaningful. I felt like I was actually standing next to the main character while this was happening. I really understood the book because I've felt like I want to be some one that I'll never be some times. This helped me understand how Belladonna felt. I feel this is a little bit easy for me because I could understand it all really easily and think about it-but it was still a really great book.

One of the Main characters that I think changed is Ariman. in the beginning he wasn't willing to get married he just did it because he wanted some one sinister to teach magic to before the end of his time came but at the end he changed he wanted to get married to belladonna in less than a day. Another Character that changed was Terrence, in the beginning he hated all and no one liked him. He was mean and cruelty to people but near the end he started to change, he was hopeful and kind and loving to others. I think for both of these Characters it was meeting someone worthy of their time. Some one sweet and kind and helpful.

The problem of the story for Belladonna was that She was a white witch, which meant she was kind and People like Arriman were Awful but amazing. The story was resolved when Terrence realized he was a Wizard and so Arriman could teach Terrence his tricks and Get married to a white witch. I was really happy about the end because everyone got what they wanted in the end. I would change the fact that Madam Olimpia didn't even win, I think that if she did and some twist happened that would make the story a whole lot more interesting. I think the authors message was never give up and always believe in yourself.