Phyllis Naylor writes amazing books but my favorite is Shiloh. Reading this book made me feel like I was there with Shiloh and Marty while this was happening. I felt like Marty was taking this blame and baring it because he loved Shiloh so much. I feel sorry for them both as they go through these challenges. I Can understand how Marty feels because I lied to my mom about my sister because I knew my mom would shout at her If I told on her. I lied for someone I loved. But I realize now that It shouldn't, no matter how bad and I see Why Marty fell under the pressure. This is a just right book for me because I can understand what this book means.

One character that really changed was Shiloh. At the start of the book he was shy and didn't listen to Marty, now He trust Marty and if Marty told Shiloh to jump of the cliff Shiloh would do it. I think what made Shiloh change was when Judd wanted to hurt Shiloh but Marty protected him and no matter how much trouble Marty got into he was always going to protect Shiloh. From then on Shiloh started trusting Marty. Another Character that has changed is Marty. At the start of the book Marty never told a lie and told the whole truth always and trusted others but now he wants to protect Shiloh and hes willing to tell seven Million lies to get there and to work for weeks even months and that's just what he has to do to get Shiloh.

The problem of the story was resolved When Marty promised Judd he'd work for months to get Shiloh and with a lot of pleading and threatening he gets Shiloh. I felt happy at the end even though Marty would kill himself working For Judd. I would Change the part were martys dad is trying to hid the fact he loves shiloh. This only put more preasure on his aldready preasure filled son. I think the authers Theme s that you must always tell the truth even if you know it was wrong-sometimes the truth can get you what you want.