Book Bytes October 2009

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journal response

Journal Response

I think the best book by J.K. Rowling would have to be Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. The book is about a young boy named Harry potter. He is a wizard who go's to a school called Hogwarts for witches and wizards. Wizards and witches use wands to cast spells and broomsticks to fly on. His mother and father died trying to save his life from the wizard who is known as the dark lord. This same wizard is trying to kill Harry. Harry Potter is famous because he is the only on who has survived a killing curse so everyone one wants to help him. the book is very emotional because lots of people die trying to save his life, all his friends and what is left of his family. The book made me tingle like I was there watching harry do all of this. I can really connect to this book because harry lost a lot of friendships and loved ones. I have not lost love ones but I have lost friendships. It helps me understand the story because most of the hard times he has had here have been caused because he lost friendships and when I lost friendships troubles have been caused too. this book is a just right book because I understand it but it is not so easy that I understand every bit.

I think Harry is really adventure loving, trustworthy, honest and helpful leader just like Ron and Hermione. Though Ron is in many ways like harry, Ron still is a bit more different from Harry because he is crazy, fun loving and tough kind of wizard. Hermione on the other hand is obedient, careful, sweet and brainiac witch. I think they all really change in this book because Harry learns to trust. Hermione learns to tolerate and Ron learns obedience. I think the things that made them change were when Ron left because he got so angry at what Ron was telling him
even though it was the truth. In this harry learns it is the truth and trusts. Ron learns he should be Obediah when harry and Hermione tell him he should not leave and Hermione learns everything is have to be tolerated if you plan on completing something.

I felt good because the way they resolved the problem was when Harry and Hermione had time to think and when Ron felt more sivalized. I felt good about this because They had now finally got a great friend ship going. If I could change something I would make the time that Ron went away shorter because there was nothing interesting going on wen Ron was away. I think the authors message was always trust your friends