Behind Rebel lines

Seymour Reit writes many books on the civil war but my favorite is Behind Rebel lines.
Throughout the book I couldn't help but feel worried and scared for the main character as she faces many challenges. The troubles she faces makes you feel like your in the book as her and you understand what she would feel in this situation. I can understand what she feels like because sometimes I feel like there's a imp voice telling me to do dangerous things and I could understand what she was talking about when she wanted to be the spy for the Union army. Because sometimes I feel like doing some thing dangerous and brave and daring too. This is a just right book for me because I can understand it but its not too easy.

2 of the most important characters are Emma Watson and Franklin Thomas. Even though these two are the same people I think there are a lot of differences between the two. at the start of the story it was Emma that was focused on and how she felt like she had to stand up for her country and act like a man because of her father who only wanted a son. She changes and at the end she realizes she should do whats best for her not whats best for her father or anyone else. Franklin starts of wild and crazy and at the end he's quiet and bit more like a girl. I think what made these two change so dramatically was that going to war they had seen death and sickness and danger and this really changed the two of them.

The problem of the story was resolved when Emma decided to break away from war and do things like she wanted to. I felt really happy about the resolution because it meant she could now care for herself more and not just others. If i could change something about the story I would change the fact that she was forced to leave camp even though it was good for her. I would change this because I want to know what she would do with this sickness. I think the authors theme of the story is that people should whats best for them self and care about others too.

The Journal of James Edmond Pease

Jim Murphy writes many books but my favorite is The Journal of James Edmond Pease. Throughout the book I felt sorry, scared and honored for the main character, James. The story really makes you feel sad and hurt but still I really enjoyed reading the book. It helped me to understand what James was feeling when he told you he ran away from home because sometimes I feel like running away from home but I wouldn't actually do it, but still I really understand how he felt because sometimes I feel like that. I think this book is a just right book for me because I felt what the character was feeling and It wasn't to hard or to easy.

This book is one of the most interesting books I've read because the main character changes so frequently. At the start of the book James is young and just silly, he doesn't care that war is going on all he wants is to relax and be silly, he didn't care about his rank all he wanted and hoped for was that his Uncle would come back to him and say sorry for the fight they had before he ran away and went to war. But near the end he changes he cares about war and he wants friends, he wants to go home no matter what his Uncle says to him. I think what made him change was when he got a friend to be with and this man, Johnny, showed him every thing he knew at the end of the book, this made him change.

The story was resolved when James Edmond Pease asked Johnny to be his friend again after he was mean to Johnny, I liked how the story ends because it's touching and all sweet and stuff. If I had to change something about the book i would change how James has to run away from his family to be in war or to fight for what he beleved in considering he was living with a man who was always standing up for his country. I think the authors theme for the book is to trust others and give them the benifit of doubt.