Sign of the beaver

Sign of the beaver summary December 1 2009

He watched his dad walk away, he was alone in the forest. Matt knows now that it's his turn to put all that his dad taught him to use. As much as he was afraid he was a man and this was his territory. know one would take him away from here. This is why he stood here instead of his father or sister. He waits lonely for his dad to return, little does he know he will soon meet Attean. Attean ,the Indian boy who shows up at his door step everyday, has something to give him one day. Not something that Attean hands him as a birthday present, something much more powerful. It was friendship. Attean showed up regardless of what he thought, it was his grandfather who did the thinking. Indians hate white men Atteans grandmother is one of the type that hate Matt for he is a white man. But after Matt risk's his life to save Atteans dog. The grandmother actually likes him. Half a year past with know sign of his father. Winter is coming and in the early times there is no shade. Eventually Matt's dad shows up and Matt is more than just Matt, he's Matt the man.

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