Absolutely normal chaos

Sharon Creech wrote many great books but my favorite of them all is Absolutely normal chaos. This book is made like a diary of a 13 year old girl who is and never will be little miss popular. The book makes you lose your mind in the story. The book made me feel so mystified about the story because its a love story and a chiller all at the same time. I can relate to Mary Lou Finley because sometimes someone annoys me and I just get so mad at them because I have to do this and that when they sit around watching TV. This helps me understand the book better because when Mary Lou doesn't want to go away with her cousin I understood how she felt and I started getting mad at her cousin. This is just right for me because I can understand it properly and I do find 1 or 2 words in a chapter were I need a dictionary.

3 main characters that have changed hugely throughout the story are Mary Lou Finnely, Beth Ann Bartel and Carl Ray. Mary Lou Finnely has changed so much, she use to think everything was boring and not worth any attention and she use to think fully about herself, but when she meets Carl Ray he seems to have a affect on her and she starts feeling sorry for people and realizing it wasn't all about her. But first Carl Ray made her made because he was rude and annoying. He was shy and he made others do his work but later Mary Lou starts seeing how he makes his own bed and isn't so shy, he's always smiling and being very polite. Beth Ann though is a different story shes vain and will only care for her self but when people are mean to her she gets sad and expects others to help her when she wouldn't help them but after a while she starts talking and caring a little bit about others.

When Carl Ray first came to Mary Lou's house she felt annoyed with him and mad but when she goes to his house she sees how nice he actually is and how helpful he can be. I felt really touched by this because she starts saying sorry. I'm so happy at the end, its so emotional. I really enjoyed this book but I would probably change how Beth Ann is still sort of mean at the end, I would change this because it makes you feel sorry fro Mary Lou and how she has to put up with this situation. The moral of the story for me was never judge people on first imprecation, give them a while to get to know you.

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  1. Great blog! Sometimes I even have those moments when I feel like my friends are getting more than I have and I start to feel jealous and bad for myself. I have a question though- If Carl Ray felt sorry for Mary Lou, then why in the beginning did he act so rude and annoying?
    You also put a lot of interesting words like "mystified" and "imprecation" which made you blog easy for me to comprehend and made me more intrigued. I'm very keen on reading this book now.
    Once again,thanks so much for sharing this blog.